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Buying Network Marketing Leads – Is This One of the Quickest Ways to Kill Your Business?

Buying network marketing leads and phone prospecting is not the best way to market, is not the best way to duplicate and is not the best use of your time. In my opinion, to choose such a difficult path to success in your business is suicide and for many it is.

In my less experienced, more naive days I would believe what was taught by up-line, that buying network marketing leads was a way to build your business, I know they would teach tens or hundreds of people to buy MLM leads as a way grow their businesses too. In reality this just doesn’t happen.

There is another common belief that seems to have taken hold, that “well these techniques we know to be pretty ineffective but nonetheless if we get a lot of people achieving a little at least some us can earn a reasonable income out of this c***.” Though in reality it’s often people attempting to do an awful lot with redundant, ineffective or very expensive methods that’s the problem, ever wonder why there is such a low retention ratio in most businesses.

You see really most of the ‘old school leaders’ are often times ignorant themselves to these ‘new’ effective marketing techniques, for the most part it really has been a bunch of amateurs that know nothing about marketing teaching a bunch of amateurs who know nothing about marketing.

I believe this ‘old school’ approach is irresponsible, it is not in their best interests or for the industry as a whole in the long term, to carry on ‘teaching’ out of ineffective, costly and very poor performing methods.

What’s the solution? Don’t buy leads, please just ignore the pleas an protestations of your up-line to buy very expensive, untargeted leads and spend hundreds of hours chasing people on the phone. The first goal of your business is to make a profit as quickly as possible, not put yourself in debt as quickly as possible.

So if you implement the method of article marketing I described on day one and include another simple to implement marketing strategy, that of forum marketing, which I will briefly outline.

Firstly register with some of the better forums and check in the forum rules whether you’re allowed to add a signature to your posts, this then will give you the ability to passively promote your offer in the forum this will be in the form of a punchy ‘copy written’ hook and link to your blog or landing page.

Within your signature file try to feature something interesting to your audience, something of genuine value or news-worthy. Again you could take many news headlines in traditional print media and rework them to meet your own requirements… e.g. 7 reasons to (fill in your own copy) read more here, 9 Facts why (fill in your own copy) learn more here (all linking to your site, blog or landing page)… etc.

Once you’ve created your editorial style hook in your signature just enter the debate, literally enter the conversation by contributing discussion and providing helpful solutions to fellow members. Never overtly promote your business, product or services as you’ll get flamed, chastised in no uncertain terms and likely booted out for contravening the forums rules.

Here is a list of forums, go out and find more if you can but I suggest just entering the conversation daily with about five highly targeted forums and post daily. Make this along with everything else, a regular part of your daily marketing routine.

- BetterNetworker
- homeworking
- AbLake
- Entrepreneur-web
- TraderOnline
- SitePoint
- MoneyMakerGroup
- WorkAtHomeBusiness
- Ryze
- EntrepreneursAbout

Above is a list of suggested forums that i recommend you start with. If you are diligent in your approach using the two techniques I can say with certainty that you’ll be bringing in 10-20 leads per day within 30 Days which I guarantee will transform your business.

Lack of Focus – Is Your Online Marketing Wearing Its Underwear As a Hat?

If I was to make an analogy between marketing and dressing up, I would have to say that a lot of marketers get out of their house with their clothing out of order: underwear on their heads, shirts not tucked in on one side and wearing a high heel shoe on one foot (with open toes and undone toenails) and cowboy boots on the other.

Before you throw stones at me, remember that I m a marketer too and I make this analogy only to say one thing: Your biggest enemy as you build your online business (and in your life really) is lack of Focus. When you got started in your marketing plan, you (hopefully) laid out a strategy that used 1 or 2 marketing forms, partly because that was all you knew, but also partly because you were limited on time and needed to narrow down the strategy that most appealed to you, was time or cost effective.

As you experience success with one strategy, ideally you would add a second marketing form and layer it seamlessly on the first form just as you would a dress (or pants) on top of your underwear. Now, the mistake that most marketers make is this: as they acquire new skills and learn new strategies, they throw all these new strategies in their marketing shopping cart and want to apply them all at once with little focus and very limited result. Their daily marketing plan (if they still have one) is no longer the initial, streamlined, clear-cut plan with a well defined focus but a confused, disorganized, jumbled up plan with multiple strategies, numerous tools that do not link to one another to form a consistent, clear web that allows them to be everywhere like the top marketers are.

To continue with my analogy, if you are one of them (it is OK, I was here too at some point); you now have all your clothes on but they are not in the right order and you do not present well, you feel weird (with an underwear on the head who would not), encumbered ( hard to walk in unmatching shoes with heels of different heights) and tired (you are carrying a way too heavy suitcase going to the beach…relax you are self employed, no need for the suitcase and suit and high heels…all you need is your laptop & a phone). So, what can you do now that you have a clear picture of the damage that lack focus can bring in your business and life?

Here are a few tips:
1. Go back to the drawing board, listen to yourself, identify the strategy that you are most comfortable with (& that you can afford in terms of cost and time) and laser focus on learning and using that skill daily.
2. Put forth on a consistent and daily basis lead generating activities using that strategy. Do so passionately, wholeheartedly and block out any distractions.
3. Once you master that strategy (and your results will tell you if you have mastered or not), go back to the drawing board and add another one and layer these two strategies up in a coherent and coordinated manner.
4. Do not clog up your schedule to the point that you neglect your other money making activities (talking to your prospects, coaching your team…).
5. Make time in your schedule to recreate (exercise, time with family) and to work on your mindset.

Remember, every strategy works if you master it, work it and teach it. Do not be the jack of all trades and the master of none. And also if a constant drip of water can carve through solid rock; how much more will a consistent, focused, wholehearted daily marketing strategy bring in hoards of targeted leads.

The Low-Down on Daily Stock Trading – One Click Away With a Newsletter

Stock trading is something most people often hear but never care to comprehend. This is most especially true of the average person who is not that keen on delving into the world of market shares and finance. Most of us are content with just waiting for our paychecks, spending it and hoping to save some of it for a rainy day. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a source of extra income outside your 8 to 5 job? You can start doing this by being a day trader.

Daily stock trading is an option that works well for individuals who have a small capital or even those who have bigger investments but wish to take things one day at a time. You can easily manage your assets online, keep track of stock prices and decide to make a move whether to buy or sell stocks based on the existing trends you observed. At the end of the day, you will be able to tell for sure if you gained profits or incurred losses from your decisions.

If you are quite new in the financial arena, one important thing you always need to look for is the daily stock analysis. This is an indispensable tool for anyone who desires to find out how to make money on the stock market. The daily stock analysis is an in-depth report about stock market trends, with trading tips, insights, and analytical commentaries from professional traders. Through charts and full reports, it is as if you have your own financial coach offering you great advice on how to plan your next move in handling your assets. You can also get daily market updates by subscribing to an online stock trading newsletter. Most stock market-related sites offer this service for free.

Upon subscription, you will be entitled to receive daily updates through email, usually every evening or early in the morning, before the trading day begins. It is very easy since all you need to do is become a member of a particular site by filling in a simple form. An online stock trading newsletter provides relevant information to help you evaluate the stock market players and guide you in your decision-making. Your daily observations will then give you a clearer understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. This insight on the behavior of the stock market will surely prove to be beneficial to you when you make your next move.

With all these tools at your easy disposal with just one click of the mouse, nothing should stop you from taking a chance at buying and selling stock shares anymore. If you have the money and the guts to venture into this field, then feel free to be a day trader and see how you will fare in the financial arena. Religiously consult the daily stock analysis and let the online stock trading newsletter be your bible. With some expert strategizing and a bit of luck, you will be all set to become the next champion of the financial world.